Baby Ezra


As you can tell, Micah was ecstatic to get to hold his baby brother. Joy gleamed through his smile as he was handed Ezra. Though, the happiness was only a one way street. Ezra was finished with the photo-scene. He was ready for other things– a nap, some food, some mommy cuddles, who knows.

And so, Micah’s enthusiasm soon faded too. Screaming babies aren’t really his thing after all.




IMG_5068This photo (above) will always have a significant place in my heart.

Aside from the obvious beauty of my subject (and that she happens to be one of those lifetime friends who has been with me through all), when I saw this picture for the first time on the screen of my computer, I saw a photographer in me.

To me, everything about it was perfect. This was long before I learned about lighting and composition and I wouldn’t have been able to tell why I liked it so much. But after looking at it, I knew I had just grown an inch. I had broken though to a new level of photography, that had (until then) been beyond my grasp.